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May 24
Inside the co-living spaces changing the way millennials live

Living with random individuals is not exactly a brand-new concept, but a lot of…

May 23
Millennials Are Paying To Live In Shares Spaces Like WeLive (HBO)

The co-working start-up WeWork, understood to millennials as the business offering…

May 22
Co-Working, Now Co-Living Spaces

More young people are gathering to co-living areas. There’s more versatility…

May 21
Co-Living in New York gegen teure Mieten: Gemeinsam günstiger wohnen | mehr/wert | BR

Wohnraum in New York City ist knapp und teuer. Trotzdem strömen gerade viele junge…

May 20
Oslo: D.C.’s Sophisticated Co-living Apartments

Located in the heart of Washington, Oslo Shaw is the city’s first modern-day,…

May 19
Would You Rent a Co-Living Space like Hmlet?

More young people are gathering to co-living areas like Hmlet. This previous school…

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